UL16 16" Premium Ultra Light Dobsonian Telescope

UL16 16" Premium Ultra Light Dobsonian Telescope

f/5: $2,395 USD

f/4.5: $2,695 USD

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  • A Premium, Light, Compact and Portable Design - About half the weight of traditional Dobsonian telescopes. Fully assembled the UL16 weighs at about 65 pounds.
  • Exclusive Optical Technology - The UL16 features Hubble lightweight sandwich mirror with an optimized thermal design that cools up to 10 times faster than the regular solid mirrors
  • The UL16 optical system delivers bright images and features a short tube keeping the eyepiece conveniently close to the ground



UL16 Specs

  • Optical design: Reflector
  • Optical diameter: 406.4mm
  • Focal length: 1829mm (f/4.5), 2032mm (f/5)
  • Focal ratio: f/4.5, f/5
  • Eyepiece height at zenith: 1690mm / 66.5" (f/4.5), 1890mm / 74.5" (f/5)
  • Optics type: Parabolic
  • Eyepieces: Not included
  • Optical quality: Diffraction limited++ (Strehl 0.95+ for the primary mirror, 1/10 lambda or better in PV for the secondary mirror)
  • Finder scope: Not included
  • Focuser: 2" dual-speed linear bearing Crayford
  • Secondary mirror obstruction: 80 mm (f/4.5), 70mm (f/5)
  • Secondary mirror obstruction by diameter: 19.7% (f/4.5), 17.3% (f/5)
  • Secondary mirror obstruction by area: 3.9% (f/4.5), 3.0% (f/5)
  • Mirror coatings/over-coatings: 96% Enhanced coating on both of the primary and secondary mirrors
  • Tube material: 6063-T6 Aluminum Alloy tubes with black zinc plated steel knob screws; Aluminum Alloy main structure (OTA and mount) and structure steel mirror cell.
  • Weight, optical tube: 55.0 lbs
  • Weight, fully assembled: 65.0 lbs.
  • Dawes Limit(arcsec): 0.29
  • Rayleigh Limit(arcsec): 0.33
  • Limiting Mag: 15.5
  • Maximum Magnification: 800
  • Additional, optional accessories: 8x50 Finder, Shroud, Wheelbarrow, Vinyl foam Cushioned Grips
  • Other features: Sling lateral support and deluxe push-pull brass knob collimation screws

Features of the UL16:

Exclusive Sandwich Mirror Technology:

Our sandwich mirror technology has been used to manufacture research-grade optical elements and proven by over a half dozen years of successful applications at research facilities such as NASA, California State Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo, for the US Army, and in amateur telescopes around the world. Hubble sandwich mirror’s open core and close back design not only allows air to circulate through the mirror, but also provide the maximum structure strength to allow a simpler mirror cell design. Our sandwich mirror will reach thermal equilibrium up to 10 times faster than a traditional solid mirror and means the mirror can deliver great views even as the air around the telescope is changing temperature.

Why is thermal equilibrium so critical? The main issue is "mirror seeing," the turbulence seen through the eyepiece of the telescope when the air above the mirror is different from the mirror itself. Since a sandwich mirror cools far more rapidly than a solid mirror of the same thickness, this major source of distortion is eliminated quickly, giving you sharp and stable views. With ever- changing temperatures during observing or imaging, your thick and solid mirror may never reach equilibrium, and never reach its full optical potential. This is one of the major reasons why our lightweight-sandwich mirror has superior optical performance in real world situations, even without an active cooling system. (Active cooling systems, such as fans, introduce their own problems, such as micro vibration, which may seriously degrade the image quality.) Our sandwich mirrors reach equilibrium extremely fast, and without any external disturbing aid.

Enhanced Optical Coatings:

Both the Hubble UL16 primary mirror and secondary mirror are both coated with the state of the art 96% Enhanced optical coatings to assure it collects as many (while scattering as little) photons as possible to focus it into a bright and contrast-rich image. The optimal 96% enhanced coating has multiple over-coating of precision controlled dielectric layer to maximize the reflectivity and provide excellent chemical and mechanical protection for the mirror coating.

Engineered Mirror Support:

The UL16 has an extensively modeled and optimized 6-point flotation system that provides more than adequate support for the sandwich mirror. The three-point collimation system is completely independent from the sling lateral support. It will totally eliminate the often- found potato chip astigmatism introduced by sling belt when using the simple 3 pivoted bolts collimation system. In a simple pivoted bolts collimation system, the collimation of the primary mirror may cause the sling belt to pull the mirror axially on the mirror edge, bending the mirror to a potato-chip shape, causing annoying astigmatism.

All Metal Construction:

The UL16 mechanical structures have been extensively modeled via 3D CAD and advanced FEA to provide the optimal structure strength and stability. Machined with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology and hand fitted to assure proper fit and finish. Super strong T6063-T3 aluminum alloy truss tubes, structure steel mirror cell and aluminum alloy OTA and mount structure. Completed with deluxe and environmentally friendly black powder coating, it is such a pleasure to look at, not to mention the enjoyment to look through.

Dual-Speed 2-inch Linear Drive Crayford Focuser:

The Hubble UL16 comes with a precision dual-speed, 2-inch diameter focuser. It's a beautiful piece of precision machining that enhances the viewing experience as well as the overall impression of a premium quality instrument you'll have with this telescope. This focuser is robust! It is a zero-backlash "Crayford-style" design further enhanced with modern "linear bearings" meaning you get a rock-solid, super smooth focusing experience that can handle the weight of even the heaviest of modern eyepieces. Its tension, the pressure on the drawtube, is preset to a very reasonable level, but adjustable to lock heavy equipment in place if desired. The smaller stainless steel focus control adjusts focus at a rate 8 times finer than the larger focus wheels. This fine adjustment allows for critical focusing during high power visual observing or for imaging applications. The focuser has 50mm of travel distance.

Should I choose the f/5 or f/4.5?

Advantages of f/5:

  • Sharper images. It has about 30% less coma than UL16 f/4.5, no need for a coma corrector at all.
  • You save $500 over UL f/4.5!
  • Smaller central obstruction, 2.76” v.s. 3.1” secondary mirror for f/4.5

Advantages of f/4.5:

  • No ladder is needed for most people; while you may need one-step ladder for an f/5 when close to zenith direction.
  • Wider FOV.

Both f/5 and f/4.5 will provide you the excellent views. The f/5 provides the perfect view for the most demanding observer, without coma corrector. The f/4.5 also provides a wonderful and wider view without coma corrector (some people may notice small amount of coma at the edge of a wide angle Eyepieces, but most people will not be bothered or even notice this).

With our unique two-section truss tubes for f/5 (one section truss for f/4.5), f/5 is just as portable and strong as f/4.5. At the end, it is really your personal preference. Please note that some counter weight will be required for f/5 at the bottom, which is NOT provided.

Happy Customers

Damien Kilmartin @damo251 with his UL16. "I purchased a 16inch F4.5 last year and i’m extremely happy with how it performs, it was clear the optics were very good from the first night. Stars beautifully resolved into the core of 47 Tucanae and NGC 253 The Sculpter seemed to be nearly twice the size with far more detail when comparing to my 10” Dob. I also used to do some planetary imaging with my 10” Dob, one night i tried with the 16” instead and I can tell you the Hubble Optics 16” is very good for that as well."

Damien Kilmartin's UL16.

Saturn Taken by Damien Kilmartin using UL16 on an EQ platform

Jupiter Taken by Damien Kilmartin using UL16 on an EQ platform

Eric Blown with his UL16 on a Byers GEM EQ mount

"I want to express my admiration for your excellent optics. It gave us a lot of pleasant hours under the southern stars." -Vladimir

Instructions Manual

Click here for the instructions manual PDF - the Guide and Setup Process.


Click here for the UL16 dimensions when folded.

Order and Shipping Info

There's a 50% deposit for the base system, and the full payment for the optional accessories at the order time, the rest including shipping will be paid before the delivery (about 60 days after the deposit) via a Paypal invoice.

Please note that the 60 days delivery is the estimated production lead time which does not include shipping transit time.

We offer very reasonable worldwide shipping costs (at least for most of the countries) for the total system. The Economy shipping is no longer available.

UL16 will be shipped in 3 boxes: the main structure, the truss tubes and the primary mirror.

Country Econommy(US$) Regular(US$)
US NA 672
US(Hawaii) NA 722
Austria NA 610
Australia NA 625
Belgium NA 635
Brazil NA 1790(*)
Canada NA 610
Chile NA 870
Denmark NA 610
France NA 610
Germany NA 610
Israel NA 618
Italy NA 610
Japan NA 420
Korea, South NA 405
Mexico NA 715
Netherlands NA 615
New Zealand NA 615
Norway NA 615
Portugal NA 715
Philippines NA 322
Poland NA 640
Romania NA 690
Russia NA 990
Singapore NA 378
South Africa NA 775
Spain NA 650
Sweden NA 620
Switzerland NA 590
Taiwan NA 380
UK NA 610

* Shipped via Fedex, the exact cost depends on your specific address.