Welcome to Hubble Optics

We are a leading manufacturer of high-precision lightweight optics and complete
opto-mechanical systems.

With our breakthrough technology, state of art equipments and years of R&D
experiences, we offer you our exclusive lightweight sandwich mirrors with superior
performance at a very competitive price.

Our Lightweight Sandwich Mirror Features:
Since our establishment in 2003, we have become the leading supplier of
lightweight optics and systems. Thousands of our lightweight sandwich mirrors
and systems have been delivered to prestige customers such as NASA, US
Army, Princeton University, Stanford University, California State Polytechnic
University and other Universities, Government Agencies, Commercial
Customers, Private Research Institutions, and Individual Customers around the


  NICER launched on June 3, 2017,  by Space X Falcon 9 CRS-11


Thermal optimized open core, and dynamically stable closed back design
Rapid thermal response: cools down about 10  times faster than a regular mirror
of equal thickness
Bubble free face plate
Simple flotation mounting
Lighter than solid mirrors
Outperforms both conventional solid and closed cell lightweight mirrors in terms
of image quality in outdoor environments
Cost competitive and unprecedented price/performance ratio
The 40" Hubble Sandwich Mirror delivered for the NASA NICER Mission
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